About Zee

I am a balinghou child of the east, but that generation far less relatable than their elders.

I developed and spent my school-years bumping about from one place to another, a few months at a time. I speak three languages relatively well and half a dozen quite badly.

I have spent almost a decade now as a US passport holder. Just over half of my years is spent on the road (domestically and abroad), 10% of it leisure.

Mostly, I’ve had the desire to blog for a period of time now.

It is largely driven by a desire to organize my own thinking. 100% of the time, when I begin a post, I have little idea of the length or where the monologue will go. I have a sense this will help me structure my thinking and develop my writing/narrative skills.

On this last point (writing skills that is), please be kind. Remember, I can always claim the “English as a foreign language excuse.”

I take pleasure in —

Red wine, white wine (okay schorles), time alone, a run through unfamiliar neighborhoods, walking explorations of cities, people watching, dining in good company — topped only by cooking for good friends, cars, long drives, minibreaks, beaches, quietness of mind, a great steak, any decent steak, lamb, maths, consequentialism, competition, selling, long showers, learning-continuously, curries,


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